PRESS REPORT “Product Offensive 2021

LECHNER Maschinenbau starts the year 2021 with a product offensive. “We have made enormous development efforts in the last 3 years and have revised and further developed our complete machine program,” shares owner Thomas A. Lechner. At the beginning of the year, the Upper Swabian machine manufacturer will first present its completely revised 3-roll round bending machine.

LECHNER has been developing and producing machines for metalworking in Untermarchtal, Upper Swabia, since 1978. Since 2010, the focus has been on solutions for flexible sheet metal processing with a product emphasis on round bending and flanging. After entering the market also with products from trading partners, the focus in recent years has been on expanding the company’s own product range. LECHNER now plans to present these developments to a wide range of customers in the current year.
The first of these is now a robust 3-roll round bending machine for workshop use. The machine is of self-supporting console crossbeam design, making it easy to transport. The overall structure is made of heavy steel construction. The core components are a 3-roller rotary drive and an internal pneumatic hinged bearing.

The development focus was on modern and energy-efficient components, a stable design and a high flexibility of the overall system in order to offer the customer the highest possible benefit.

A special feature of the new machines is the quick-change device of the top roll installed as standard, with a diameter range that covers 3 conventional machine sizes. This allows very high sheet thicknesses as well as smaller bending diameters to be realized with a single machine, which otherwise can only be achieved with several machines. “This quick-change device is usually a special design with other manufacturers and is paid for at a correspondingly high price. We, on the other hand, have taken it into account in the design from the outset, which makes the machine significantly more flexible and less expensive,” says LECHNER.

The new machine concept is available with roll diameters from 30 mm to 200 mm and thus covers the thin and medium plate range up to 12 mm plate thickness nominal capacity. Usable lengths are variably available from 450 mm to 2600 mm. Automation, special designs and customer-specific adaptations round off the extensive standard package.

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