The 2-roll machine concept of our partner OMCCA offers a highly productive solution for the round bending of thin sheets up to 2 mm thickness. The 2-roll technology achieves a very high rounding quality at high piece output.

The 2-roll machines operate on the principle of tool-assisted bending. Here, the top roll serves as a radius tool with which the sheet is pressed into the flexible polyurethane bottom roll. The PU roller serves here as a die. The simultaneous rotary feed ensures deformation on the complete workpiece shell.

The machine body consists of a stable steel structure that absorbs the bending forces. The rolls are made of highly tempered steel; the roll surface is optionally hardened and ground. The top roller has a fixed bearing on the drive side; on the other side there is a manual hinged bearing, which can optionally be pneumatic or hydraulic. The roll itself is designed as a drag roll and is driven by the plate. The top roller can be exchanged simply and easily via a quick-change system to produce different diameters. Alternatively, cladding tubes are used as a tool.

Another special feature is the OMCCA ADL top roller adjustment. In this process, a very small top roll is used to produce a very tight radius, which is then reshaped by an adjustable wedge to achieve the desired target radius. This device significantly reduces the necessary tooling investment for high part diversity. The design and manufacture is carried out in accordance with the current CE specifications.

Special features

  • Highly productive solution
  • Very high rounding quality
  • Full automation capability


  • ADL device for diameter adjustment

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