The TSI/HTSI machine concept was developed as a simple and cost-effective solution for store floor bending of thin sheets. The asymmetrical arrangement of the three rolls enables the bending of one sheet end before the actual rounding. A second bend can be made very easily by turning the tube and rounding it again.

The TSI machines feature a robust electromechanical drive concept with asynchronous three-phase motors in all axes. The larger HTSI machines are hydraulically driven. For both models, an optional three-roller drive via a gear train is available for the rotary drive. The machine body consists of a stable steel structure that absorbs the bending forces. The rolls are made of highly tempered steel; the roll surface is optionally hardened and ground. The top roll has a fixed bearing on the drive side; on the other side there is a manual hinged bearing, which can optionally be pneumatic.

The linear adjustment has mechanical position indicators. Optionally, these can be replaced by digital displays with programmable software limit switches. The design and manufacture is carried out in accordance with the current CE specifications.

Special features

  • Robust construction
  • Simple operation
  • Cost effective solution


  • Three-roller drive (rotation)
  • Hardened and ground rollers
  • Digital position indicators
  • Cone bending device

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